$99 Websites

For $99, you can have a high-quality, secure, mobile-friendly website custom-built for you in the USA, complete with SEO. You even get three months of free hosting, with no strings attached and no long-term contract required. Additional hosting is $6/month or use your own hosting company.

Need something more? Complete customization, such as more pages, an online store, WordPress, games, converters or business apps can be had at a surprisingly reasonable price. This is not an upsell. I will not try to convince you to buy more than a $99 website.

Email me the information you'd like, and I'll build your website. Simple as that. Just as you'd expect for $99, there are some limitations:

This is a one-page website. Your domain name will start with site67.net. For instance site67.net/JasonsMusic. Dedicated domain names such as JasonsMusic.com, are available at minor extra cost. You won't get much customization. However, for additional cost, I can help with your content writing, adding public domain pictures, graphical editing and special features.

If you already have a website that needs to be repaired, edited or updated, I'll be glad to help with that, too.

As a former software engineer and content creator, author of 500ways.com, Bikonary.com and OddPickleball.com, and having built and repaired websites since 1995, I've become super-efficient, and therefore low-cost. I'm in the United States but end up costing less than overseas outsourcing in most cases.

You won't be dealing with some quirky individual who has a thick accent, takes forever, does what he wants instead of what you want, and in some cases, can't even complete the job. You'll enjoy my friendly, communicative style.

Email, call, or text me. You'll have your website in a couple of days, sometimes the very same afternoon.

This very site is an example of a $99 website. Don't like the style or colors? Several styles and color sets are available.

To get started, drop an email to jeff@jeffnapier.com or call or text Jeff Napier, of Site67.net, at 805-843-5353.

Jeff Napier



Example sites below. Some are plain $100 sites, some include customization.



  Heru Construction

Heru Construction, a $99 website




GladhillStripePros.com, A $175 website




The founder of Site67.net, Jeff Napier, is also the programmer and webmaster at Cal-Span.org.




Camino del Roble Mobilehome Estates



  Mad's Voice

A WordPress site, highly customized for the owner.




Amanda Mueller Massage




500Ways.com - One of the founder's more extensive sites.




NLP50.com, a comprehensive topic site.




CBD Oil, a $99 website



  East West

A screenshot of a portion of a $99 website.




A screenshot of a portion of Pickleball5000.com



DesignsByIdea.com, Graphics supplied by owner



HelpUGrow.net, A $99 website


Phone 805-843-5353

Email go@site67.net